Ship maintenance

Masters are required to report pollution either observed or caused by their own vessel to Tilbury control.

Hull scrubbing

Any form of underwater cleaning in the enclosed dock is banned.

Painting over the side

Painting over the side is allowed but those doing so must be properly equipped with PPE, lifejackets and safety lines. They should take extreme care not to spill paint into the water.

Ship's crew working on quay

When ship’s crew are working on quay-side, Hard Hats, High Visibility Vests and safety boots must be worn. Additionally gloves, face masks / respirators and any other PPE required by nature of work must be used.


Masters should contact Tilbury control by fax or email giving the nature of the work to be carried out and its estimated duration. We will check with the berth operator that vessel has sufficient time to complete the work.

  • Whilst manoeuvering within the dock, Channel 04 VHF  should be use. Call Sign TILBURY CONTROL  Listen for Duty Harbour Master’s instructions and advice Re: change of...
    • Orders
    • Request permission:
      • To leave the berth and advise when all fast on the berth
      • To launch a lifeboat for drill purposes
      • To hold an engine trial
    • When having a drill of any kind
    • Report pollution observed or caused by own vessel
    • Any accident or incident
  • Fast Cutter into London footage...